WP.1 – Needs Assessment of regional partner universities

1.1 Kick-off meeting

1.2 Run needs assessment among regional partners

1.3 Prepare needs assessment report

WP.2 – Identify Best Practices and Prepare Guidelines and Training Materials

2.1 Hold workshop to discuss needs assessment results

2.2 Observe European practices in Student Advocacy and identify best practices

2.3 Prepare report on best practices

2.4 Prepare recommendations for policymakers and university administration in regional partner countries regarding Student Advocacy

2.5 Prepare training course for ombudsmen in regional partner universities

2.6 Prepare guidelines for training students and staff on rights, roles and responsibilities in regional partner universities

WP.3. – Quality control, evaluation and monitoring

3.1. Quality control, evaluation and monitoring

WP.4 – Establish ombuds offices and train ombudsmen in non-EU partner universities

4.1 Facilitate acceptance of guidelines on university level in each partner university

4.2 Establish Ombuds Offices in non-EU partner universities

4.3 Hold training for ombudsmen

WP.5 – Pilot training for university members in new student advocacy procedures

5.1 Run pilot training program in student advocacy for faculty, administration and students of one non-EU partner university (Khazar University)

5.2 Prepare report on pilot training program results

5.3 Workshop to discuss training results and make necessary changes before full training

WP.6 – Training program for university members

6.1 Run training programs in student advocacy for students and staff in all regional partner universities

6.2 Prepare report on training program results

6.3 Hold survey in regional partner universities to measure impact of ombuds offices

WP.7 – Dissemination activities

7.1 Design and launch project website

7.2 Publish all guidelines and training materials

7.3 Raise awareness among students in regional partner universities about ombuds offices by holding seminars for students through student organizations

7.4 Maintain project website

WP.8. – Sustainability

8.1 Sustainability

WP.9. – Project management activities

9.1 Project Management

9.2 Organize meetings

9.3 Manage organizational and financial activities